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Washington Automated has over 30 years of experience as a Unimac commercial laundry dealer.

Unimac UW Series Washers

The Unimac UW series washers are an open pocket hard mount washer-extractor designed for the toughest demands of a commercial environment.  Industry leading technology provides efficiency and durability with heavy duty construction backed an extensive warranty.  UW series washers bring the long lasting quality you would expect from Unimac.

Unimac UW series washers range in size from 45lb capacity up to 160lb capacity.  The UW models come with two control options either the Unilinc control option which includes opti-spray rinse and high G-force extraction ranging from 300 G-force up to 400 G-force on the 45lb and 65lb sizes. Or the M30 fully programmable washer control that comes standard with extract ranges from 100 G-force up to 200 G-force to accommodate all different types of laundry demands.

With the new Unimac construction system both the UW45 and UW65 models will fit through a 36" door frame allowing for easy installation.

Unimac UW Series Commercial Washers

Unimac UY Series Washer-Extractors

Unimac UY Series Washers

The UniMac UY series washer is a soft mount extractor designed for laundry facilities where a poured foundation is not available. These commercial washers are perfect for second story or above laundromats.

Each Unimac UY washer is constructed to increase efficiency and reduce expenses. Many laundries operate inefficiently due to dryer cycles that are ~ 30% longer than wash cycles. Because the UY series washer extracts with super-high 350-400 G-Force, more water is removed from the load which helps your laundry run more efficiently and saves you money.

In addition, Unimac's new ECO-Technology washing programs can greatly reduce your water costs up to 15% over previous models.

The Unimac UY series washer comes in 8 total configurations with sizes ranging from 18lb - 165lbs of washing capacity. The UniMac P-control gives you immense flexibility with 39 pre-programmed options and 99 total programs.

Unimac UC Series Washer Extractors

Unimac UC Series Washers

The UniMac UC series commercial washers can reduce your drying time and increase efficiency with their 200 g-force extraction process. Using computer optimized frame construction you get a stronger quieter frame then ever before.

The UniMac UC series washers come in 5 different sizes from 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 60lb, and 80lb so you can find the right washer for your laundry facility. The UC series also has three control options available: M30, M9 & M4.

The M30 control has 30 total washer programs that can be customized to meet your laundry's needs. Specials features of the Unimac M30 also include temperature conrolled fill, cycle time remaining, a cycle counter and test cycle for diagnostics.

The M9 control has 9 total cycles that can be customized to meet your laundry's requirements with a cycle counter and test cycle for self-diagnostics. The M4 control has 4 cycles to meet the needs of light duty laundries.

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View the Unimac UW45 & UW65 in action:

Unimac's durable commercial washers are both efficient and innovative with the following features:

  • Super High Speed Extract
  • Energy Saving Drive
  • 39 Programming Cycles
  • Easy to use controls
  • Fast Fill Inlet Valves
  • Rapid Spray Rinse
  • Low Maintenance V-Belt Drive
  • Durable Chemical Supply Dispenser
  • Time Saving Capacity
  • Water Saving Systems
  • Simulated Hand Washing Module
  • Starch Buster (tm)
  • Wet Cleaning
  • Ultra-Soft Wash
  • Five-Year Limited Warranty

THREE CONTROL OPTIONS *available on the UC series washers.

UniMac’s UC series commercial washers have three levels of controls available: M30, M9 and M4.

M30 Control

Unimac M30 ControlThe M30 control has 30 total programs that can be customized to meet your laundry's needs. Special features of the M30 control also include temperature controlled fill, cycle time remaining, a cycle counter and test-cycle for diagnostics. To reduce water use you can also configure one of the 30 programmable water levels.

M9 Control

Unimac M9 ControlThe M9 control has 9 total cycles that can be customized to meet your laundry's requirements with a cycle counter and test cycle for self-diagnostics. The M9 also includes 3 water levels and up to 5 supply signals to automatically dispense your laundry detergents.

M4 Control

Unimac M4 ControlThe M4 control has 4 cycles built to meet the needs of most light duty laundries.

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