LG Commercial Laundry

Washington Automated is proud to announce we are an authorized dealer of LG Commercial Laundry.

LG Commercial Laundry provides meaningful and differentiated values to customers thanks to LG’s product reliability, low maintenance cost with energy and space saving designs. LG brings their known reliability into commercial washers and dryers for coin, on premise or card in both stacked and unstacked configurations. 

LG Commercial Washers and Dryers

Titan Pro Washer   Card Titan Pro Dryer   Card

Automatic Detergent Injection

Automated Detergent Supply Injection

LG commercial washers are built with automated detergent injection. The system allows for 5 separate lines of detergent supply. Making it simple for your suppliers to connect their detergent supply systems.
Gas Flow

Optimized Gas and Air Flow

LG has optimized their commercial dryers to control the flow of air and gas allocating the appropriate combination of gas and air into several sections for more controlled delivery. This change significantly increase the LG commercial dryers energy efficiency meaning you save money.
Top Mounted Dispenser

Top Loading Detergent Dispensers

Using the top mounted detergent dispensers means you no longer worry about detergent dripping down the front of your machine. The LG top loading detergent dispenser makes it easy to keep things clean.

Adaptable Controls

Adaptable Control Systems

LG commercial laundry systems come with adaptable controls allowing you the ultimate in installation flexibility. Now your laundry can meet your space requirements by allowing you multiple different configurations with either side by side or stacked. This also means you can conserve space as your business grows and add laundry units over time as your space allows.

Customized Programming

Customizable Stainless Steel Controls

The stainless steel access panel ensures long life and durability along with the added security benefit of adding a secure barrier between users and the coin box or vault. In addition, users can program up to 20 different washing cycles including customization of washing time, water levels, rinsing time etc, optimizing the machines performance.

Optimized Washing System

Smart Washing System

The LG commercial washer smart washing system automatically detects over-suds during the washers cycle and moves them into a suds reduction process that will deliver better washing performance.

Tempered Glass

Tempered Door Glass

The LG commercial line of laundry equipment has tempered glass washer doors to increase strength, decrease breakage, and decrease scratches while maintaining a clear view of the laundry inside.

Dry Performance Heavy Duty Motor

Excellent Drying Performance with a Heavy Duty Motor

LG commercial dryers have excellent drying performance by incorporating a heavy duty motor that provides better air flow and heating capabilities increasing drying action and drying capacity. Less loads means less cost and higher overall drying capacity.
Multi Heat Treatment

Multi Heat Treated Components

LG motor shafts, directly connected to the drums and motor, are heat treated with a multi heat treatment to ensure superior performance, protect against gradual wear and tear, and and increase longevity. 

Direct Drive

Direct Drive Inverter

Unlike traditional commercial washers or dryers with a belt and pulley, LG commercial laundry machines are equipped with a motor directly attached to the drum providing superior reliability and durability with less repairs and an easier repair system.
Damper Reduction

Multi Damper Vibration Reduction

LG's commercial laundry equipment is built with multiple dampers to absorb vibration and reduce noise for a much quieter washing environment.
Tilted Drum

Tilted Washer Drum

Tilting the washing drum by 10 degrees enables the washer to maintain a higher amount of water in the tub than other commercial laundry providers. This allows LG to use less overall water without decreasing washer performance and save energy.

Stainless Washer Drum

Stainless Steel and Embossed Drum

LG commercial washer drums are all stainless steel which help prevent clothes staining or being damaged during the wash cycle. In addition the drums are embossed on the surface to increase the amount of contact with the fabrics themselves. This helps remove dirt and stains by creating a better washing action.

Easy Repair

Easy to Repair

LG commercial designed their laundry machines from the ground up to be easy to repair. All machines are front service accessible which means your service time, and cost, will not be wasted when gaining access to the key service elements.