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CMV Sharper Finish flatwork finishers provide customers worldwide with simple and efficient commercial laundry ironers. You can be confident in your purchase of CMV Sharper Finish flatwork finishers from Washington Automated to bring you the support and products for all your commercial laundry needs.

Finish Rite Series

Finish Rite

The CMV Finish Rite flatwork finisher is designed for small commercial laundries. It's available with 36in, 48in, or 60in ironing surface. Available in electric or gas with a 178mm/7in diameter heated cylinder.

1600 & 2000 Series

Model 1600

The CMV Sharper Finish 1600 & 2000 series are perfect for medium to semi large commercial laundries. Designed for 100-250 lbs./hr, available with 90in, 120in, and 132in ironing surface. Available in electric, gas, or steam with a 406mm/16in and 508mm/20in diameter heated cylinder.

IFC & IFCS Series

Model IFC

The CMV Sharper Finish IFC and IFCS (Ironer/Folder/Crossfolder/Stacker-Conveyor) is designed for tight space commercial laundries. All you need to do is insert the linen, and it comes out ironed, folded and stacked. The IFC and IFCS are available in a variety of different sizes depending on your commercial laundry needs.