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Great Wolf Lodge

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Great Wolf Lodge is located on I-5 in Southwest Washington and is known for their year round indoor take the whole family water park and lodge experience. When you have this many rooms and an water park there is a very large laundry demand. Towels add up fast when catering to a hotel and water park and to manage this large demand of towels the best option is large capacity high extract washers.

To handle this great demand Great Wolf Lodge chose to go with Unimac UW series washer/extractors. Great Wolf required a number of washers and a large capacity of dryers to meet the needs of this very busy high end lodge/water park. If you don’t get the correct capacity for the amount of laundry that needs to be laundered labor expenses will far exceed the price to choose the correct equipment. This is the reason why Unimac is the #1 choice for OPL equipment needs.