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WSU Football

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Washington State University’s new football complex is fitted with a state of the art laundry room that has the latest and greatest Unimac laundry equipment.  To handle the large demand of football uniforms and practice gear the chosen equipment is (4)Unimac UWN100T3V washers and (1) UWN065T4V washer.  With 465# of washing capacity it is matched to (4) 120# steam heated Unimac dryers.  This combination was designed this way because the football uniforms do not require a high heat long drying duration.  The Unimac equipment is all fully controlled by Unilinc computers that are wirelessly networked and can be programmed from one central computer system.  This allows for easy program and chemical changes  to custom tailor to the particular uniform s that are being washed and dried.  The large Unimac dryers also have Opti-dry over dry prevention sensors that eliminate over drying that damages the Uniforms.   Another feature to Unimac washers is the high extract g-force ranging from 300 up to 400 g-force during the extract cycle.  The high extract speeds pulls more of the moisture from the laundry and that in turn reduces the dry time cycles.  All of these additional features help make the laundry room efficient both in the stand point of labor and utility costs. 

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