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Friday Harbor Laundromat

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In the town of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island there is only 1 laundromat for the town.  When we were first contacted about upgrading the laundromat it had old Wascomat and Electrolux equipment that had been in use for 25 years.  There were two concerns the owner wanted to address when selecting new equipment to update his aging, broken down equipment.  1) Efficient and especially water saving capabilities 2) minimal service requirements and longevity.  To make sure we met both of his demands IPSO vended laundry equipment was selected as the most viable option.  IPSO is a brand that is manufactured by Alliance Laundry Systems in Ripon, WI that comes with a 3-5 year parts warranty.  Washington Automated carriers an extensive amount of parts on each service van to make the repairs while out in the field to keep the equipment down time to a minimum.  IPSO washers come with “Smart Wave” technology that adjusts the water usage to meet the size of the load.  This system reduces water usage and creates a more efficient washer.