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Seabrook Cotttage Rentals

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Seabrook Cottage Rentals is located in Pacific Beach, WA it has a community of rental house properties nestled on the Pacific Ocean.  Seabrook Cottage rentals need to process the laundry demand of the entire rental house community.  With new technology advancements in the Unimac product line Seabrook recently upgraded all of their existing dryers with new top of the line Unimac 75# dryers with Unilinc control systems, and opti-dry over dry prevention sensors.  By installing these new dryers with new controls there is no longer the concern of over drying the linen which causes, utility waste, labor cost over runs, and damaging the linen by excessive heat and drying times.  At the same time the dryers where upgraded Seabrook also added an additional Unimac UWN065T4V high speed washer/extractor that helps pull the moisture from the linen during the final high extract.  They now have a total of 185# of wash capacity, and 225# of drying capacity with new dryers.