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Hyatt House

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Hyatt House in downtown Portland is located right next to the river and is an extended stay hotel with a little over 200 rooms, a pool, and fitness center.  To make sure that the laundry room could keep up with the demand of the hotel the right choice of laundry equipment was Unimac hard mount UWN130T4V washers and Unimac UT170NRU dryers for a total of 260# of wash capacity and 340# of drying capacity.  All the equipment has the Unilinc control system that can provide laundry management, diagnostic, and service/maintenance reminders.  Also the dryers include Opti-dry over dry prevention sensors with the Unilinc control system. 

The Hyatt house has even went one step further with adding the Unimac wireless network monitoring system that also includes Totalvue.  Totalvue gives management the capability to monitor shift production, utility usage, and equipment efficiency.  Another feature when adding a wireless network monitoring system is the capability to send text or email alerts to the maintenance staff, along with the local service tech at Washington Automated to be alerted if an error occurs on any of the equipment.  With network monitoring in place you have Totalvue of everything going on inside the laundry room from anywhere.