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Friday Harbor House

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Friday Harbor House is a mid-size hotel located in the San Juan islands in the town of Friday Harbor.  When you are located on an island you need laundry equipment that is designed to be efficient to reduce excessive utility waste, and durability and reliability to keep maintenance costs down.  Friday Harbor house has 1 UniMac UCN040HNV medium extract 40# capacity washer and a UniMac 55# slim line capacity dryer due to the amount of space and door width into the laundry room.  Friday Harbor House when first opened was using a local linen service to handle all their laundry needs.  When you move your laundry from an outsourced linen service to a property run laundry you reduce your price per pound cost, your quality increases and your linen loss is reduced.  This is all because you have the control of your linens which is a major part of your business.  Friday Harbor House has been happy with their change in operations and it has provided them with the high level of quality their guests expect.