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UniMac is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of commercial laundry equipment. UniMac is North America's leading producer of commercial washers and dryers. The UT series of commercial dryers are the most efficient tumble dryers on the market and boast reliable performance with UniMac's durable construction.

UniMac has developed a unique commercial drying tumbler design that pulls air through a garment during the drying process. This process helps your linens to dry quickly and evenly which saves you money by shortening drying time.

Unimac UT Series

Save Money with Lower Drying Times

Drying cycles are usually 30 percent longer than washing cycles. UniMac commercial dryers reduce this time and allow you to run your laundry faster and with more efficiency. With over 60 years of experience, UniMac has found the perfect balance between btu usage and drying time to maximize throughput and save you money.

Durability that Lasts

UniMac's industry leading durability keeps your machine lasting longer and working great! All UniMac commercial dryers have a durable kick plate and cart bumper to protect the front of your dryer from dents or scratches during the drying process. Using high grade steel, two point hinges, and a heavy duty door, you can be sure your UniMac dryer will stand up to the toughest of laundry conditions.

Belt-Belt Drive

Commercial Washer Belt-Belt Drive

UniMac commercial tumblers feature an all-belt drive system with self-adjusting tension idler, cast iron pulleys and permanently sealed ball bearings. This allows for quiet, low maintenance operation and the added benefit of the UniMac reversing option controlled by a solid-state electronic timer.

This feature can be easily selected and allows the cylinder to automatically reverse tumble action to aid in preventing the tangling of linens.

UniLinc Control System for Tumblers

Unimac UniLinc Commercial Washer Control

UniMac's state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled tumblers offer unlimited flexibility in drying laundry loads. Special heat cycles allow you to program temperature settings between 80 and 180 degrees F, making the tumbler ideal for wet clean operations. Preset temperatures for various fabrics simplify commercial drying for your operators.

Manual Control for Tumblers

Programmable Commercial Dryer Control

UniMac's variable temperature controls offer 0 to 60 minutes of drying, 0 to 15 minutes cool down and a heat range of 120 to 190 degrees F to thoroughly dry garments while minimizing wrinkles. Manual timer feature allows your operator to select the ideal temperature, heating and cooling time for any type of fabric before activating the tumbler.

UniMac's OPTidry Technology!

OPTidry is UniMac's revolutionary over dry prevention technology that connects sensors located located within the dryer to the UniMac rotary transfer switch. This offers industry leading levels of accuracy and pinpoint dryness throughout the laundry cycle and eliminates costs associated with over drying.

Unimac Optidry